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Just like you pay your monthly online phone/water bill…simple to do!

IBN Network- Country/Bank list read here

3 Easy Steps to pay from your own bank account

Step 1.    Checkout from the ePayWorx seller website cart as usual (or if invoice was received, click the link to open invoice, then click the Pay button on the invoice);

Step 2.    Select the general “My Own Online Bank” option. Follow the screens and Check out

Step 3.    The system will now give you the bank payment details to use. Now go to your own banking site, login to your own online/internet banking and pay over the money. Done!

(or at any ATM or at your own local bank branch if you so prefer)

Once the money arrives, both you and the ePayWorx merchant will be notified by email

Q: Do I have to open an ewallet to pay?

A: Customers DO NOT need to open an ewallet to make payment for any order or invoice from a merchant. Just checkout and pay from your online banking.

To pay via Escrow (safest payment option) or use Recurring Pay(for repeat orders) options, you will need a free ewallet though.

Q: Why no credit cards?

A: Customers are used to shop online with credit cards. However the card associations do not permit the sale of certain type business categories which are classified as “high risk” sales. (Ex. foreign online pharmaceutical sales, certain gaming, weapons, tobacco, etc.)

If no credit card option is available upon merchant checkout this will indicate such to be under the same high risk category hence card sales are not permitted. Use your online bank instead.

Q: Can I now add this local bank details as a standard beneficiary onto my internet bank service for next time pay?

A: Yes you can. Just make sure to change the “REFERENCE NUMBER” value for every consecutive payment you make. Every time you checkout from the merchant site, you will be given a new reference number you must use. So yes you can create the account as a Beneficiary onto your internet banking facility, just remember to delete and enter the new reference number given by the system for the next payments. Once you added the new reference number and new order amount, just click pay and done!

Q: Is the online bank payment payment method the same as when I pay my monthly utility bills?

A: Correct, it follows the very same procedure as paying your phone or water bill. Easy as that!

Most modern bank systems today have the feature to pay to any other bank (local or international) directly from your online banking interface. This make paying to any bank worldwide very easy.

Q: What entry will my bank statement show for IBN payments?

A: No sensitive data is shared with ePayWorx or any other 3rd party during payment. Your bank statement will show the reference number used during payment.

Q: Who determines the exchange rates levied for cross currency online bank to bank type payments(via my internet banking)?

A: These conversions and subsequent rates used are determined by the relevant banks in question. These are not determined by ePayWorx Ltd.

Q: What are the fees associated for paying via the IBN network?

A: The only fees apply for direct order payments via IBN network is what your bank will charge you to make the IBN payment to our account.

Q: Can refunds be issued for online bank payments(via my internet banking)?

A: Yes refunds can be issued. Use the refund button on your account or ask the merchant to issue refund for your order if needed. Hope this is clear enough. If not, let us know here

Factors that influence confirmation times are:

  • Banking holidays in either the Sender or Receiver bank countries
  • Customer omitted the payment reference

Normal confirmation times:

  • Instant- few minutes up to 24 hours depending on host bank loading procedures
  • Foreign- bank wire typically 2 – 48 hours

  • Customer uses their normal online banking facility (as when you pay a phone or water bill)
  • No fraud risk
  • No risk of card details being stolen
  • No private banking information given to anyone
  • Really easy to do!

  • Make monthly/weekly Repeat/Recurring payments to merchant for scheduled orders*
  • Pay via Escrow for optimum safety*

*ewallet required

  • Customer uses their normal online banking facility (as when you pay a phone or water bill)
  • No fraud risk
  • No chargeback risk
  • No bank penalty fines and audit penalties risks (as with credit cards)
  • Mostly less costly than credit cards
  • Convenience: All customers already have bank accounts to use
  • Really easy to do!

To apply for merchant services go here